Easy Tiger

It’s crazy isn’t it. One evening last week I met up with a good friend and it was so windy, I was dressed up in a denim jacket and was still feeling a bit chilly. Cue forward a couple of days and The Rock is in official summer-mode. The long, hot days are here and I think it’s safe to say that I can finally store my light cardigans away for now. All of a sudden we NEED air-conditioning, and it seems that  now not even a fan will do! To think that only a couple of days ago I was still making use of a light duvet…

There is no middle way for Maltese weather. It is either windy, cold and wet or else hot, humid and dry. We only have two officially seasons – winter and summer, there is no spring or fall for us, bar a couple of days which can not really classify themselves as proper seasons. Remember the dates when the seasons officially start? That does not apply to Malta. Summer does not last three months here, more like six months and counting. By October we are all officially baked, cooked and burnt.

So with this heat comes survival mechanisms.

Drink lots and lots of chilled water. Add some pieces of lemon and mint to vary it a bit.

Avoid the sun during the lethal morning and afternoon hours.

Slap on sunscreen like there’s no tomorrow. My laissez-faire attitude last year has caused me pigmentation spots and so now I’m always putting on sunscreen. I don’t mind if my face is that bit shinier, that’s what light powder is for!

Stop straight blow-dries. There is no real purpose in blow-drying your hair in a cool salon, step outside and end up with your pulled up in a bun or a pony-tail. In the past I used to really try to take care of my blow-dries. I would be the one with my hair loose down my back in the sweltering heat, trying to stop myself from sweating.  I now have two options this summer – I can either blow-dry my hair in a loose-curl manner which allows me to gather it up, or else I can rely on my cherished oil-spray to let it run loose (and wild) in its natural state. Either way I won’t have any hairs sticking to my back and that works just fine with me!

There is no middle-ground for us Maltese when it comes to weather. No there isn’t. As much as lots is said about English weather, I have to say it never really bothered me. Yes, there would be long, grey days at end when I would have killed to spend a day or two in sunny Malta just to properly realize that it was June or July after all. But there was no real humidity problem, no sweating, no mosquitoes and their irritating bites. And sometimes on a freakishly chilly day, even the heating would go on!

We are now learning to deal with this hot weather. Cesca’s appetite is practically non-existent but thankfully she still loves her milk. She has had some rash patches come up due to this heat and sweating. She’s learnt the drill of putting on sunscreen and knows that after putting on the cream, an outing ensues. She runs around in her nappy all day and sleeps longer during the night. Her normally light wavy-hair becomes a bird’s nest of curls whenever she sweats. Keeping her light and wet seems the way to do things. So I’m envisaging early morning swimming dips and lots and lots of water.

And sunscreen. And insect-repellant cream. And anti-irritation cream.

Summer. Bliss.

Oh, and did you hear the new version of numbers that’s going around? Here’s Cesca reciting it. You know the one – it finishes with ‘…8,9, face!’


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