Oh, so Organic!

A couple of weeks ago, I made an appeal on Cup of Crazy’s Facebook page about organic bathing products. I had a long chat with my dear friend L about baby products and suddenly all that I believed in and thought of as safe, was suddenly anything but and I knew that I would have to switch products sooner rather than later.

Once that decision was taken, the other more difficult ensues – which products to buy? If you Google organic baby products, you are presented with thousands of options, and unless you already know of a product as recommended by a friend or as used by yourself, you are in for lots of review searches and public opinions.

My first hurdle was finding an online shop which delivered to Malta. Like I said, my Facebook appeal provided me with lots of options, and I decided on iherb.com because I loved the options therein available plus the customers reviews helped a great deal. I then went on a whim and selected products which I thought were suitable for C’s needs and which looked and sounded great. Plus, the detailing of the product’s ingredients and components really helps especially if you’re looking for products which don’t contain certain chemicals.

I bought from the Nature’s Baby Organics range. I selected a shampoo, body wash, detangling conditioner, talcum powder and body lotion. My worry was the texture of the products because I have heard of people buying organic products and being let down by exactly this. I was worried the products would be too grainy and that they would not lather much.

Fortunately I made the right choice. The products have delicate scents (I chose vanilla, tangerine and sweet violet for my products) and their scents are delicate and last for a long time, without being too pungent. The products make good lather, they have the same texture as any other normal cleaning liquid and most importantly, are nearly all chemical-free. And you also get the bonus good-feeling of doing that something extra for the environment!

Postage took nearly three weeks to arrive so I’d suggest getting them before your current product finishes, but considering the ridiculously low postage rates iherb.com has going on, you won’t mind waiting!

The site not only has baby items, it also sells vitamin supplements, aromatherapy goods and groceries amongst others.

And take a look at the discount code I mentioned last time. I am not sure if it is still working, but you have nothing to lose by trying it out!

These are a couple of the items I purchased. I'd definitely recommend them!

These are a couple of the items I purchased. I’d definitely recommend them!


6 thoughts on “Oh, so Organic!

  1. I’ve been thinking of buying organic for a long time, but didnt know what to choose. Seems like you recommend the ones you bought, so i might make an order soon. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome Mel ๐Ÿ™‚ There are many more brands but I’m really happy with the one I got. Apart from the Vanilla and Tangerine scent, they also have others if I’m not mistaken. Happy shopping!

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