Bright Skies, Calm Waters…

This week has been all about ups and downs and changes and laughs and lots of baking!

Just to mention a few episodes.

– C came down with a terrible fever. After four days of very high temperatures, C then woke up fever-free and seemingly back to normal. An afternoon nap later, she woke up with red cheeks and yes, you guessed it. Slapped-cheek syndrome!

– When THAT passed, I popped by my lovely hairdresser for a quick root-over and emerged with a new colour which I’m loving. I got rid of the peroxide-yellow blob my hair had become of lately and I’ve a lovely light brown colour instead.

– Of course, the highlight of the whole week was C’s birthday. Luckily enough for us all, her fever and slapped-cheek disappeared by the time we held her birthday party. It was a small family-do, jungle-themed, and apart from the slightly-windy night, it was absolute fun! C loved opening her gifts but refused to take photos! We had three cameras pointing at her trying to capture a shot. Auntie Ver managed to catch some precious moments below.

– It’s cute and extremely funny to watch C with her Uncle Edward, on whom she has severe infatuation! She blushes when he enters the room, peeps at him from behind her hands, giggles, chases him and repeats his name over a hundred times a day! The only semi-decent photos we have of her birthday party are the ones where he was there to distract her!

– And the last point, and perhaps the most significant for my family, is the fact that we’re finally properly settling in here in Malta. It’s been long overdue, but things are falling in their place and we even have a routine going on. Yes, I still miss England so badly every other day and there are times when I need to count to ten before I bite someone’s head off because of their blatant rudeness and selfishness, but I have let go of the fear I had going on that I would never feel ‘at home’ again here in Malta. There are small perks which lighten up my day – meeting up friends at the hairdresser’s for a quick ten-minute chat, walking to a coffee-shop for an espresso at 8 o’clock in the evening (if you lived or live in England you’ll understand this one) and gradually finding our feet back here on The Rock – my family and I. It’s all about small steps.

Have a lovely week!

Us (and bottle)!

Us (and bottle)!

My People xxx

My People xxx



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