Three Cheers!

Three years ago I became Mrs. Josepha Farrugia. I traded in Xuereb for a new life and a husband who’s my best friend and the best partner I could ever wish for. In some ways it seems we’ve been married for much longer mainly because we’ve been together for what seems forever (nearly eleven years), but more so because so many events have happened in the meantime.

If there’s one thing our life so far hasn’t been, it’s boring.

So happy anniversary my love. Three cheers for the past, the present and what the future will bring. Three cheers for the lovely trio our family is. Three cheers for the good times, the ugly ones and the ones which made us who we are today. Three cheers to me and you, for the tough decisions we made, for sticking with them, living them through and coming out of it all with a smile on our faces and more love than ever before.

I love you!




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