Stuck in a Rut

Good afternoon!

If you live in Malta, how is this scorching weather treating you? It’s very easy to forget about the humidity, the frizzy hair, the useless blowdries and the three-times-a-day showers when you’re away for a while. This weekend I was given a stark reality check and  I remembered the reasons I loved England at this time of the year. Let’s just say that in last July’s England photos, I was wearing a cardigan. Can you imagine that here?

This weekend our celebrations as a family came to an end so to say. We celebrated my in-laws wedding anniversary, C’s birthday, our anniversary and my lovely sister-in-law’s birthday in one week. We ate (gulp) and we drank (gulp, gulp). Even I have to admit that we overdid it on both fronts and for that reason I’m trying to have a ‘light’ week. Knowing me, those are useless words and intentions, but I might surprise myself one of these days.

Then again they always say hope is the last thing to die.

This week I found myself trying to unstick myself from the rut I have come to find comfort in. Small things really, but I needed to push myself to do tiny things I haven’t done in what seems like ages go. I wanted to feel like myself a bit more.

So I went crazy and silly. No, not really. Nothing outrageous happened. But I looked back at what the old me loved doing and I set myself keen on going back to familiar and happy grounds.

– During a free hour, I grabbed a towel, book and a bottle of water and went sunbathing out on the roof. I wore a mismatched bikini, did not need to worry about any stubble and stayed there for as long as I could muster the terrible sun. My original intended hour lasted only thirty minutes, but I like to think I did get some extra colour on my limbs. And the best part was enjoying the silence and solitude of it all.

– I am enjoying the sea more than I have in a long while. Whenever I have a free morning I take C to the beach for an hour or two. It is a hassle preparing a toddler for the beach, but she loves it so and I get to enjoy it too, so I preset beach mornings and stick with the plan. So far, so good.

– A and myself went to the bigger island for a date night on our anniversary last week. We planned nothing and did not do anything in particular. We walked along Sliema by ourselves, hand in hand, without pushing a stroller or tending to a toddler, we were able to go up stairs and were not on the constant lookout for the death-traps local pavements are. We had a tasty pizza with some wine, we enjoyed an amazing view and we talked. We talked without being interrupted and without having to silence a loud toddler. It was simple but it was just what we needed.

– I rummaged through my bags of make-up and resolved to change my make-up routine. I used to have different make-up plans for different days and times. I used to play around different shades of make-up – the browns, pinks, violets, greys, nude – I was always trying out a new shade. Nowadays I always use the same palette for every day and every night, weekday and weekends. Always the same. So I spruced up my collection a bit with some new purchases, and I’m using shades I haven’t put on in years. I’m liking it!

– I have promised myself that this summer I will read more. I used to be the girl who’d finish a book in three days, and now I’m lucky if I finish a book in a month! I was angry at myself about this, because reading is my favourite past-time and to have abandoned it for so long was shocking to me.  So I’ve started taking my books around with me again, and whenever I find a spare five minutes, I read. It feels good to be a geek again.

– I’m trying to get out of my flats, at least on weekends. My heeled-sandals need to get out more, so I’ve resolved getting out of the comfort zone a pair of flat shoes offer, and put on a proper high-heeled pair of shoes! I feel a million times better, but I need more training in heels. Three years in flats does that to you. So if you see me wobbling around in heels, you now know why. Thankfully C’s stroller helps, for I’m able to hold on to it when the heels and uneven roads become too much.

– I am trying to start feeling hungry again. Yes, you read right. I have forgotten how it feels to feel hungry and I need to rediscover that. My body has become too used to eating for every simple reason that I am now sick of it. I am aware that this is probably just a very, very short phase I’m going through but I’ll make the most of my weak will while it seems to be co-operating for the time being.

What do you do when you find yourself stuck in a comfortable rut? Do you act upon a wake-up call or do you prefer ignoring it and sticking to familiar grounds? I have to say my will-power is as strong as a bird’s feather so I’m not too optimistic about keeping all the promises I have made to myself, but I do want to try. It feels good challenging yourself every once in a while.

Have a great week and don’t forget the SPF cream! That sun is a bitch!! 

One of our morning beach-dates ;)

One of our morning beach-dates 😉


We enjoyed our anniversary pizza with this lovely back-drop. Not too shabby, hmm?

We enjoyed our anniversary pizza with this lovely back-drop. Not too shabby, hmm?


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you - I stated a cake-decoration course! I love baking so this really was the next step! Three hours into it, I'm really enjoying myself!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – I stated a cake-decoration course! I love baking so this really was the next step! Three hours into it, I’m really enjoying myself! (My apologies for the crap quality of the picture!)


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