Remember those crazy things you did when you were younger and had no real care in the world?

Today, many 18-year olds in Malta received their Advanced-Level results, depending on which they will or won’t start University next autumn. Nowadays results are apparently received by means of a SMS or an e-mail. In my days (that sounds archaic!) results were received on the ever-so-faithful piece of paper and delivered by the eagerly expected/dreaded postman. The postal system was not faultless, not even then, and I remember half of us received our results before the weekend while the poor other half had to wait till Monday to know theirs. When someone received their results, they’d frantically call their friends to check if theirs arrived.  No social media existed back then so landlines were always busy on that particular morning! Mothers would start queuing at the local postal branch from the early hours of the day to personally collect their children’s results. It used to be a very active morning.

What does this have to do with crazy youthful antics I hear you asking? Well in my case, I vividly remember my A-Level results and that whole summer. The Saturday after we got our successful results, my friend and partner-in-crime M went out to Gozo’s sole summer night-club (15 years later, it’s still the only summer club!) We were on a natural high from the adrenaline rush brought on by our results, we were young, we felt invincible and the world was ours for the taking! When you’re 18, nothing seems impossible. A friend of ours who worked (therefore well-off in our then young eyes) offered us a drink when we told him we had passed for University. Our bold selves asked for a bottle of Gellewza Frizzante. (For the non-Maltese readers, Gellewza Frizzante is a Maltese Rose wine. Back in the late 90s it was still new on The Rock and it was hip to drink. Nowadays it is as trendy as white socks and as good as dirty ones). We got our bottle, we drank it all and we got tipsy. Scratch that – we got drunk. From what our memories could remember the morning after, it was a great night out. But we both woke up with the world’s worst hangover , we felt we were going to die and swore never to touch it again.

To this very day the smell of Gellewza makes me sick to my stomach.

Reading today’s comments on how some friends and cousins have just received their results and passed and are starting University next October, brought this memory of mine back to life.

At the moment I can’t stop smiling 🙂

Happy weekend x

P.S. Remember this song? It was a big hit that summer!

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