My daughter screams.

If you were ever in the unfortunate position of being around C during one of her Screaming Sessions (SSs), I’m sure you’d have winced, look horrifyingly at her and then asked me the million-Euro question…”Why does she do that?”

People:  I don’t know!

I’ve had all theories thrown at me.  Expert-sounding non-experts have all given me their two-pence worth of opinions.

– “She’s not used to being around people”.

– “She’s going through the Terrible Twos phase”.

– “She’s doing it for the attention”.

And then I’ve had the silent accusations which I’ve never heard but can definitely read on some people’s faces.

– “She’s spoilt-rotten”.

– “Her parents have lost control over her”.

– “What a horrible, noisy brat”.

The first three explanations may hold some grain of truth in them, but I can confirm that C is not any more spoilt than any other two-year old out there, I’d like to think that we have not lost all control over her at just two years of age, and she is a sweetheart. A loud one at times, but nothing less than that.

We have learnt what sets off her SSs. The busier the place, the less rested she becomes.  And whenever lots of people all gang up on her at the same time, she becomes flustered and nervous. Add some tiredness and crankiness and then the SSs start. I know her tricks. I know that wherever we are, whenever a certain time sets, it’s time for her bedtime. So she may scream like a maniac till she’s fastened up in her pushchair, but she will eventually calm down and sleep. It’s a long road at times calming her down, but we know that once there, she’s good.

Thankfully these SSs don’t occur that often.

As for the rest of her screams, C just loves screaming. She never says ‘no’. She screams. Be it one scream, two screams or a minute of screaming, that’s just what she does.

We are used to it. In my opinion, parenthood bestows onto parents the best quality of them all – the ability to not hear that which you do not want to hear. I am an expert in shutting out her screams and protests. It is only when I pop out of my silent bubble do I realize that perhaps she is making a bit too much noise.

Of course it’s not hard popping out of that bubble when you get smirky looks and frowns from complete strangers the whole time.

My little sweetheart is a screamer. I know it’s a phase – she’s gone through them all! She’s a loving screamer, a noisy, energetic little girl who can’t sit still for a minute and who needs to be doing something all the time. She doesn’t bite, she isn’t rude, she just screams at times.

So to whoever whispered, “Ugh, you can’t even talk to this child without her screaming” behind my back,

1. I heard you.

2. I don’t enjoy it either.

3. You can keep on walking.

4. You can try talking to her again and I pray she’ll scream the hardest right in your face.

See, she has her peaceful moments...

See, she has her peaceful moments…

Have a lovely weekend 😉


3 thoughts on “Scream

  1. Well, I’ve heard her, and yes, I was surprised of her powerful pair of lungs, but don’t really think its a big deal. They’re kids, no one knows what goes through their minds or how they see things. It’s their way of dealing with everyday life. Let her scream, she’ll stop when shes ready…After spending the past 6 years with Nats kids, I’ve seen it all 🙂 and nothing surprises me anymore.

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