Bar the cast, summer is treating us well. The weather is as expected, and lately things have been looking up! The Husband’s in full swing at his new work-place and we’ve settled into something of a routine. C has an appointment next week and I’m really hoping the cast will come of. Apart from the inconvenience it’s caused to us all, it is now a wild assemble of colours and dirt so stubborn no wipe can remove it.

I had planned on starting potty-training with C in August, but due to her accident I’ve decided to postpone it. Not that it can’t be done of course, but I’m procrastinating you see. I have no idea where to start and how to start the process. For two days I’ve taken up my mum’s suggestion and let her run naked. The first time she still had not peed after an hour and the second time she peed on the living room floor. It might have been a small trickle of baby pee, but after a wipe and a wash The Husband was still convinced he could smell the strong scent of pee, and washed the floor again himself. After that, of course, the unmistakable stench of a 2-year old’s pee suddenly disappeared…

We are now back in nappies and we are both relaxed and happy with that. I do not see the rush of removing her nappy for the time being. She does not start attending school until next year. I still think she is not yet ready and bar October 2014 there is no close deadline I have to reach. That is my procrastination talking again but it does make perfect sense to me. Of course my mother disagrees with me on this one and has made it her mission to convince me otherwise and remove the nappy. But talking to a cousin of mine eased my mind and convinced me that potty-training when the toddler understands what’s happening is easier on both parents and child, and makes the process a shorter one. It worked on her two children when they were nearly 3, so dear cousin, you are my guide.

I have just ordered a potty-training book for myself and one for C. I like reading these sort of self-help books. I had got one while pregnant which became my companion for the whole of the pregnancy and another one when C came along which I have now dismissed because she is now old enough to understand better. I do not follow them word for word but they give me an idea of what might need to be done and how I can help the process. And of course it reassures my mind that I am not alone in this.

Come next month I will try again.  If the gods of procrastination don’t get to me first.

Dear readers, how did you (or how are you) going around the potty-training process? Do you use potties or toilet-seats? How old were your children when they gave up on the nappy? Any tips or words of advice? 


In the meantime, happy long weekend to everyone celebrating the feast of Santa Maria! We will be away on the sister island till the end of the week, so I will see and talk to you again then! Have a great one x

Bye-bye baby and hello panties?!

Bye-bye baby and hello panties?!


9 thoughts on “Pee-roblems

  1. Don’t rush or put pressure on yourself or Cesca! As you said, the only deadline is next year. I only started because I had to continue what my mum kicked off. Which reminds me, I should write a follow-up post! As in everything else to do with parenting, follow your instinct and Cesca’s cues. You know her best.

  2. My elder one was born in Jan so potty training started in summer following her 2nd b day – approx. Ard 2 yrs and a half. there was no potty training at all. I put her in her brand new panties, did some explanations and just like that in less than 3 days we could go everywhere nappy free. my younger was born in April so as in summer I’m 24/7 with them, I had to start somewhere in summer. Ard august started the potty training, she was ard 2 yrs 4 mon and yes once again it was a success. so my ‘advice’ wld be yes you’ll know when it’s the right time for you and her, secondly she has to be a bit over 2 years and literally there will be less training. my concern with the first one was – what would I do during the nights? I asked someone and told me when they start to wake up with a clean nappy just remove it – they’ll be ready and that advice was great! good luck, being nappy free is bliss – having to go to a public toilet esp with girls isn’t – you have to do some lifting!! 🙂 good luck

  3. started training noah this summer. my mum started the process and told me he took well to it. last thing she told me before heading home was “don’t let it go, put him in his panties and persist in asking him if he needs to use the potty”. We’ve had quite a few mishaps but on the whole he’s been good. The only problem is that sometimes he sits on the potty and doesn’t take the panty down! Oh well! more laundry and the Dettol is constantly being used 🙂 He’s still using diapers at night and when we’re out… small steps!

  4. Wait until she’s ready! As you said there’s no rush. I started with Lisa in April just after she’d turned 2 because my mum said “it’s summer, now’s the time to get rid of it” and we spent a whole summer having accidents, it was a nightmare! Then I read somewhere that I should let it rest for a while and try again after a few weeks, so I decided to leave it and one fine day she came up to me and said she wanted to use the potty, what a relief! I was going out of my mind washing and changing her and her clothes. I used to take a potty and at least three outfits with me wherever I went – it being summer we didn’t stay home as much as we should have and so many of the accidents happened outside. At home things would go ok, but when we were out she’d either leave it till the last minute then not make it, or we would spend the whole evening in a restaurant bathroom waiting for it to happen! Honestly, I don’t understand the idea of getting rid of the nappy during summer anyway, autumn and winter – where we are almost always at home and have the potty constantly at hand, were a lot easier for me and I promised myself that the second time round I won’t make the same mistake of forcing it on him again! When he’s ready I’ll know and that’s when I’ll try, I don’t care what anyone else says!

    • Whenever I think of going out with a panty and a newly-trained toddler, I start hyperventilating. So I’m waiting till she shows me the time is right and we can then go from there. I agree with you re summer, winter or autumn. I don’t get it either :S

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