Of Fools and Fools

I have joined a couple of groups on Facebook. There are some good book groups where I can sell my books and get to know of other good ones to read, there are recipe pages where I sometimes visit to get inspired and there are others which offer the normal chit-chat that makes the day pass that bit quicker and offers an hour or two of entertainment.

Yesterday I sold a couple of books to a lovely stranger who sent me two separate messages today – one to thank me and the other to tell me how much she’s enjoying the book she’s started. You do get to meet the sweetest people on Facebook.

Then today I came across two separate posts on two separate group pages which totally flipped my mood and made me frustratingly angry. I hate sweeping statements, especially when made by people who most probably have no idea what they’re talking about and most definitely do not understand the repurcussions of their words. I normally try to skip reading such posts and comments only because I seriously feel my blood pressure levels sky-rocketing! Today I succumbed, and more fool me for there is no reasoning with certain people. So I am now ignoring my notification icon on my Facebook page and writing here instead. And sipping some chamomile tea.

What were the posts about I hear you asking? Both were about Gozitan restaurants and hospitality. I am the first one to stand up and admit that our manners do leave a lot to be desired at times. But to say that nothing much ought to be expected from Gozitan restaurants is offensive. To then go on and say that they never will return to Gozo at all because they did not receive a fiscal receipt from an ice-cream kiosk when they could have perfectly well asked for it, is stupid. There are some hard-working people out there who take their profession very seriously and deserve more respect than some silly words.

I don’t know why sometimes there is this sharp separation between Maltese and Gozitans. At times we are united as one country and it’s a beautiful thing to see. But sometimes, on some very rare occasions, a dividing wall seems to come up between the two islands and the ugliness that come out of it all is not a nice thing at all.

For God’s sake we’re a country of less than half a million inhabitants. I’m sure we have more cockroaches than people, yet we still make utter fools of ourselves at times.

I guess it was that time of the month again when a good rant was in order. I now feel better.

Night night x



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