Happenings: Obvious and Not

I haven’t abandoned you dear friends, I truly haven’t. It’s just that time is currently flying by and without me even realizing it, we are already five days into September! We have been quite busy, new things have come up which mean I don’t have all the free time I previously had and thus my future posts will not be as regular as before, but I promise you there will still be new reading material every now and then 😉

What’s been happening?

– Three weeks after she fractured her arm, C’s cast has finally been removed! She was a real trooper the whole time through. She never complained about it once or tried to remove it ever, and for that reason we’ve kept it at home and every now and then go visit her beloved ‘White Glove’.

– We tried to make up for her missing up on three weeks of swimming and I managed to turn into a healthy shade of tan, although at the moment that colour has been long gone and I’m back to being the one with the pale legs. Having said that, it was probably one of the summers where I enjoyed the beach the most. It must have been the summer I least swam, but I got more hours of tanning this year so yay for that 🙂

– Foolish as it may sound, I’m back to reading more regularly nowadays! When C came along, I had to do without the luxury of reading for quite a bit. I was either too busy or too tired to concentrate on a book. But I’m now reading and I’ve managed to drastically reduce the time it takes me to finish a book. I’ve got some interesting reads lined up for winter and I honestly can’t wait!

– You might have caught up with the sad news I put up a couple of days ago that a dear friend of mine lost her angel of a son due to a terrible illness. This cast a dark shadow on us all especially the mothers, this matter touched us too close to heart. Little George may not be with us anymore, but we all know he is in a much more rested place, with that beautiful smiles of his shining through.

– We are planning a winter holiday and surprisingly enough (considering the number of flights we caught these past couple of years and my protests that I would never get excited again about getting on a plane), I’m truly excited about it all! We have to renew little Cesca’s passport since hers expired last month. I’m not too sad about that only because she is totally unrecognizable in her passport photo. At six weeks of age and being held by my mother to stay still and look straight into the camera lens (totally easy with a young baby..), she looks like a mini-Buddha – chubby face and all. This time round it’ll be perhaps more difficult to hold her still for other reasons.

Otherwise it’s all more of the same. There was a surprising and welcoming revelation when we went away to the larger island for a couple of days last month. Upon arriving back at our place, the first thought that popped to mind was, ‘It’s good to be back home!’ Unbeknownst to me, amongst all the confusion and chaos we had going on these past couple of weeks, somewhere along the line Gozo became our home and although there are days when I miss Canterbury badly, those occasions are growing more and more infrequent and I now know that Gozo is where we are supposed to be. Following this ‘event’, I even managed to finally changed my location on Facebook from Canterbury to Gozo.

Realizing the obvious is a helpful thing at times.

Have a good day xxx


Getting rid of the White Glove!

Getting rid of the White Glove!

We had some giggly times where all was well with everything :)

We had some giggly times where all was well with everything 🙂

And some special kisses were shared along the way x


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