Life is full of beautiful moments. We have the opportunity of spending some years on Earth and meeting the most amazing people and sharing some precious experiences together. Life is overall good. It is too special to waste and too short to miss out on.

But then at times certain events occur and the other side to life is highlighted. For life is not always rosy and peachy. There are the lucky ones who are spared the cruelties life has to offer. They are the lucky ones. However others are truly unfortunate. They are born into circumstances which offers them no real choice of making it out in the world. These cases always sadden me because of the set events they were born into. And things are a million times more depressing when children are involved.

I don’t know if you have read this yet. It is a sickening story yet, unfortunately, a true one. It is cruel and perhaps wrong saying this, but sometimes, in these extreme cases of human wickedness, you have to stop and think whether such a life was worth living. No human being should endure what Hamzah did, let alone at his young age. Maybe it’s my maternal instinct kicking up, but I get enraged when reading such stories. Surely someone could have helped this young boy at some point during his short life? Is it possible that no one knew of anything that was going on? How could any mother be charged with starving her own child to death, voluntarily and in this time and age, and be found guilty?

The most poignant photo of the lot was the outfit little Hamzah was wearing when he died at four years of age – it was sized 6-9 months. Suitable for a 9.5kg baby.

Unfortunately these questions are useless now. The terrible deed has been done and what remains now is hopefully a serious lesson to be learnt.

This should never happen again. The ugly truth is that it most likely will. Some children will be remembered, whilst others will not even be mentioned or thought of again.

Yesterday I was at my wit’s end with C. Today I read this article  and I’m thankful and humbled.

What is more enchanting than a child's innocence?

What is more enchanting and precious than a child’s innocence?


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