Easy Tiger

I don’t know exactly what’s going on with Cesca lately, but I’m suspecting an enormous growth spurt. She talks ALL-THE-TIME. She never stops. She says her actions out-loud from the minute she wakes up right up until she falls asleep, and of course refers to herself in the third-person.

“Oops, Cesca fell down”…

“Cesca is walking”

“Cesca wants a bandolina” (mandolina…)

“Cesca wants bread with butter”

“Cesca wants milk on sofa”

“Cesca dance”

“Cesca, why you afraid of blue trumpet?” (That’s a new sentence from last Sunday. No, we don’t own trumpets let alone a blue one, yet she was crying and so afraid of this imaginative blue trumpet for a whole 30 minutes).

And her personal favourite which starts becoming annoying after two or three alphabet rounds? Grabbing her letter tiles and repeating:

“What colour is letter C? Letter C is red! C is for cat…mama’, what colour is letter C? … Mama’?….MAMA!!”

And then there are only 25 letters left.

She is becoming quite possessive and repeateadly informs us that the “Ipad is not yours. Ipad is mine!” She is a funny girl and is quite an entertainment. She has a funny and an angry face, and when her face is angry, so is her hair, eyes and tongue (according to C herself). She’s at the beautiful age where she is forming longer sentences and is quite capable of communicating with us. Although not gifted in the voice department, she sings out everything, and now thanks to nanna V, she’s doing the sign of the cross a’ la leftie. Her screaming has lessened a bit, and even though she is no less quieter, I prefer non-stop talks and questions to the screams.

Mind you, they haven’t gone away altogether.

She stopped being a baby a while ago,  but somehow always remains so in your heart.

But when size 3 clothes stop fitting and you start buying size 4 outfits and size 10 (10!!!) shoes….then you realize that the baby made way to a growing, bubbly little girl.

Lots of posts ago I asked whether there existed a pause button for babies. When I remember that in less than a year’s time my little Kikka will leave for school, I desperately wish that such a button did exist.



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