My mind is full of ideas. Yet like I wrote last time, I am finding some difficulty in composing a fully-fledged post. So for now I’ll resort to bullet-listing what’s happening and what’s been cooking in this mind of mine. If this is the way this blog will work for the time being, then so be it.

– We vowed that 2014 would be calmer and less hectic than 2013. We’re happy 2013 happened but we’re much more happier that it’s gone and done with. At moments it felt like one never-ending roller-coster ride. It’s good to be in the midst of calm for at least a moment or two before madness finds us again.

– It seemed just months ago I was pregnant with C, and now we have just chosen schools for her to start attending this October. Yes, SCHOOLS!! We won’t know for certain which one she’ll attend for a couple of weeks, but to have even started thinking about it broke me down in a one big panic attack and emotional mess. How did this come about so quickly? I don’t think I can get away with calling her a baby anymore… 😥

– We are excitedly planning some trips for our little family. Living in Gozo and staying here for long stretches of time does make us fidgety and restless. If there’s one thing we miss from England, it has to be the ease with which you could travel and change scenery. The closest thing we can do here in Gozo is travel to Malta. And if you’re Maltese and think that’s pathetic, well know you can imagine how impossible it is to be cooped up in Gozo for a long period of time.

– As much as I complain sometimes how impossible 2013 was at times and how hard it sometimes is living on a small rock, I have to admit that we have all found ourselves again. I have started working and as much as I miss my little C, I have to admit that I am a better person because of it. I needed so badly to start waking up, dressing up in something other than track-pants, meeting adults and getting my brain back to normal working order. My time with Cesca is much less than what I had with her in England, but the quality is much better. I will never forget or regret the 2 years I was with her 24/7. But it is so easy to lose yourself in the process and to forget who you are and what you love doing. I am still trying to find a balance at times and it is not an easy thing to do, but I do believe I am in the right track.

– As for Cesca, she is now a little girl. She loves ‘singing’ Sandcastle Royale on Disney Junior, she switches on the radio to dance, she is still learning how to jump and she is adamant on keeping on her nappy for as long as humanely possible it seems. She now forms full sentences and is much easier to communicate with. She is a stubborn monkey at times, and a ‘no’ always remains a ‘no’, no matter how much chocolate I bribe her with. She is still a fussy eater and still screams but I’m not bothered about that any longer. So little yet so much remain of the Cesca who moved to Malta last year. I can’t get my head around how much she has grown. It is only when I find myself buying her size 4-5 clothes that I realize it!

For 2014 we prayed for lots of things. Health, wealth and happiness of course. And some other things – finally being able to start building our proper house, Cesca starting and liking her new school, appreciating the little things and always seeing the good in whatever situation.

I prayed and still pray to wake up with the extra weight I have, suddenly disappearing (no such luck yet), and for H&M and Boots to start shipping to Malta (not lucky there either).

I’m not giving up though…

Talk to you later x


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