Fresh is Best

One of the things I love the most about living here on The Rock, is quite trivial perhaps. You might think it’s quite silly, but having lived abroad for a couple of years I have come to appreciate it that bit more.

I love the freshness and the availability of certain herbs, vegetables and fruits.

I love the fact that uncles and aunts come visit and bring me bags of fresh produce. I love receiving soil-covered potatoes and strangely-shaped marrows. Looking deep into the bags I get, I always get thrilled to find the small bag of eggs. Still warm!

Whenever I visit my greengrocer, he always offers me free basil, parsley, rocket – he sometimes gives me a mixture of fresh herbs which give my fridge the best smell ever. I find far-from-perfect-looking Maltese peaches and water/melons. Their appearance might not be the most attractive, but their taste is by far the best! I love having the greengrocer choose the fruit for me and showing me which is the freshest and tastiest, and suggesting one fruit over the other.

In England, all fruits and vegetables were picture perfect. All apples and oranges were equal in size, no dent could ever be found on any fruit, and the most frightening thing ever was how long they would hold in a fridge or on a bowl on the kitchen table. We would sometimes leave for Malta for two weeks to go back to England and find the pears still intact, still shiny and still looking as good as ever. You have to wonder what goes into treating the fruits and vegetables.

One phrase sums it all up – nothing beats the local!

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