We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day as a proper holiday here in Malta. I know of some small communities here on The Rock who organise full-blown Thanksgiving dinners – turkey and stuffing and cranberries and all, but all in all it’s just a normal day like any other.  In the USA it’s a day where people are grateful and thankful for all they have, and that for me is a just reason to celebrate.

I am thankful for my noisy home;

for the mess C makes when playing;

for the coo’s and cries B makes;

for the never-ending pile of dirty laundry;

for the brand-new make-up C pokes her finger into and destroys;

(and for the jewellery she destroys as well…;)

for being able to message my mother good morning every day;

for having a partner who just gets me;

for Auntie V who babysits B every morning while I take C to school;

for Nanna M who does so much for us;

for the laughs my two girls give me;

for living near my family and nobody being more than ten minutes away;

for having my very small circle of friends who make me feel normal when I’m feeling anything but;

I am grateful for love, life and health.

And again for love, love, love.



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