Used and Unabused

My husband gets me. He has learnt to put up with my crazy moods and knows which battles to pick with me when my hormones are all over the place. He is a reserved man, of little words and tries to get away from ever being in the limelight.

See, sometimes I embarrass him. Not on purpose of course. If there’s something to complain about, he always tries to talk me out of mentioning it to the people involved. He never manages of course, but he tries. He physically cringes whenever I am outright in my words. It was much, much worse when I was pregnant and super-hormonal. He would duck his head and walk away as quickly as possibly. Probably cursing me under his breath.

So yesterday I set up a new Facebook page, mainly in an attempt to empty some shelves and drawers and find some storage space, because that is really becoming a serious issue in our home. A thought I would be selling things on an already-existing site. He didn’t expect a whole page full of our things going on sale, with me asking friends to like and share the page and to spread the word. He was surprised to say the least 🙂

My mother had the same reaction. “What, you’re going to SELL your things on the internet? On Facebook?” I’m sure her next, unspoken question was “Aren’t you embarrassed to?”

No, I’m not. There is this strange mentality on this island that if you go to a car-boot sale or you try to sell your used items in any way, it is the most degrading thing you can ever do. I do not quite get it. Why is it wrong in giving items to someone else who can still enjoy and get more wear from them? Is it better to throw away such items or leave them unworn and unused?

Strangely enough some people think so. Again, I don’t. So if you want to take a look and browse around, please do so. And if something takes your fancy, just drop me a line.


used and unabused


2 thoughts on “Used and Unabused

  1. Good for you Jo! I was once like you. Remember my mom telling me, where did I get you from. I had a mind of my own and liked to do it my way… Hubby is also a lot like yours, but he learnt how to live with my ways.
    Things happened and I let people lower my self esteem, which changed me so much….
    So.. From me to you… Don’t ever, ever let anyone change you… It’s great to be a bit weird 😛

    • Lol THANK YOU Loreta! If being weird is being like us, then I’m happy we are as we are 😉 And I hope you’re slowly climbing your back to your ‘normal’ self! xxx

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