Where there’s a will…and all that…

A couple of months back, at the beginning of 2016 to be exact, I posted how I wanted this year to be about me and my well-being. I had arrived at a point where I was a bit low on the dumps, I had stopped doing things I loved, and I honestly felt ten years older than my age.

So I promised myself that I would start introducing some changes to my life.

The most important was starting to exercise. Proper physical training which would make me swear and sweat and get in shape. Needing to stop to catch my breath after going up a flight of stairs was not okay anymore. I felt like a big blob of nothing, and I finally realised that I truly wanted to change.

So I started.

Nearly six months down the life, my early morning training session has become a part of my life. A very important part of my life. I’ve shed most of the weight gained after two pregnancies, and I can run during the exercises without feeling as if I’m dying. The big flabby parts of my body have finally started hardening up and looking a bit leaner. I’m loving the results, especially from the health aspect of it all. Getting your heart pumped up and sweating like a pig can only mean you’re doing it right.

Mentally, exercising is the best remedy. I have to say that I have found so much support from my better half, who recently admitted that he would have sworn good money that I would stop after a couple of days. I am more relaxed with him and the girls, and my sleeping patterns have improved so much.

And surprisingly enough, I found a great group of ladies who I now consider as good friends. We see each other at our worst really – early morning workouts with a sweaty face and frizzy hair is not the best of sights. But these ladies are real motivation. I do admit that they kept me going back, even when the exercise was sometimes too much for me to take. We now organise birthday dinners, we chat regularly and share some good laughs. I’ve met new people I never knew before, and got to better know others I previously just said ‘hi’ to.

If you’re thinking of starting to exercise or train, I’m telling you – don’t give up. I am no expert on the subject but I can tell you from my experience that unless you really REALLY want to change things, and unless you arrive at that point where you know things can’t get any worse, then it will not last. My turning point? Buying a pair tummy-tucking pants, and feeling like I was going to burst from other parts of my body. Always wearing big, flowing tops over trousers because I was so conscious of my waist. Being a size 8-10 when I got married and arriving at a point where a size 12 was starting to feel too tight. Being 35 years of age and feeling like 45.

So really, don’t give up. When you’re hitting rock-bottom, the only way is up. And if you’re lucky to find good friends to help you along the way, then even better 😉


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