The Mini-Haul!

Yesterday I set out to the city centre to buy some bits and bobs. The normal things that always seem to be on my shopping list – baby wipes, diapers, milk, fruit and vegetables. C was snuggled up in her Bee, and encouraged by her quiet behaviour, I ventured into some shops. She has a habit of staying quiet and observing everything around her when we’re walking, but starts screaming (not crying, just screaming) when I stop somewhere.  So I went into shops –  shops that catered for grown-up people, not babies. I realized I hadn’t looked at adult clothes for months now because I’m always drawn to baby-wear. I needed nothing in particular, but I ended up buying these:

I wanted a pair of patent, nude flats, and found these at New Look. Last style in my size AND on sale - at £5! That's what I call a steal!

I found these skinny belts at Dorothy Perkins - £3!

Having a baby means small bags are no longer an option. The grey/cream/green one is from Dorothy Perkins and the black/cream/coral one is from New Look.

Lovely detail.

My mini-haul. Can you see a running theme here? Yes, creams and greens are my favourite colours at the moment! Now if only the weather can improve so I can finally ditch all my boots!! Where is spring?!