Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

The old soul in me loves Supertramp, and this one especially:

Have a nice day and remember to enter the getaway I have going on! Remember, it ends pretty soon….!!


Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

After weeks in absentia, my mind is buzzing with songs I could put in for today’s Take-Me-Back Tuesdays! But I’ve decided to choose the one which has been stuck in my head for a while, the one which I’m youtube-ing just to sing along and dance around to. I was young, we were a very good group, we loved this song and we danced to it every weekend…sometimes on chairs, sometimes on tables, but I won’t go any further than that.

I heard it during our holidays to Italy a fortnight ago because the singer, who so happens to be a genius in my eyes, released a new album and I heard the song again and knew that I had to share it with you dear friends.

I’m sure you all heard it. For my close friends, I’m sure they will remember the times I mentioned above. Does it remind you of any particular time or period in your life? At the time I was ten years younger than today, but still nowadays, given the right group of friends  (and drinks), I would still dance this one out up on a chair waving my arms about. Probably not with the sky-scrapers of heels I wore in those days though…

Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

It always happens to me. I see a film or read a book which I like love and I become obsessed with finding out everything about it. I read prequels, see sequels, buy biographies, Google the actors – everything. After last weekend’s viewing of Skyfall, I’m still James Bond-obsessed. A is with me on this – he’s ordered the Bond films to watch and downloaded the BBC Proms Bond special album. That’s us ready for the up and coming weeks.

So this week it has to be a Bond song. With Duran Duran. Can the combination be any better?

Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!


I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is my mother’s favourite song. I have heard the longer version of this song for tens of times. My parents loved the music of the 60s and the 70s – ‘muzika ta’ zmienna‘ they used to say. Only now do I realize how much I was influenced by the music I heard when I was younger.


This song is not a cheerful one, its’ lyrics are quite somber and the mood is a serious one. But it suits autumn. And it particularly suits November – my thoughts are always that bit more deeper in November.

a gentle rain falls softly on my weary eyes as if to hide a lonely tear…my life will be forever autumn,cos you’re not here”

I promise something more upbeat next week 🙂




Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

I’m one day late with this post, but I’ve done so on purpose. It’s Halloween today, and while there are a couple of music videos which take costume-dressing to another level, this song always reminds me of ghouls and ghosts.

This is the long version of the song. It’s probably at the top of the best-selling singles of all times. According to my mum, I was scared stiff of this video and would hide behind the sofa when it aired. But today I love the song, the dance moves and the costumes which weren’t that amateurish considering it’s two decades old.

Enjoy 😉

P.S. Just out of curiosity , I Googled the female actress who played the main role in the video. This is what she looks like today!

Ola Ray

Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

Driving home yesterday afternoon, we were listening in to a radio programme discussing mindworms. At first I was thinking we’d stumbled upon a discussion about creepy-crawlies or a disease. However the meaning is, quite innocently, a song that is stuck in your mind and which you can’t stop singing.

This has been my mindworm for the past two days.

At the time Stephen Dorff was on my hunk/lust list, only coming second to Ethan Hawke. And Alicia Silverstone was so cool, I was jealous. Looking at her attire in the video it brought a smile to my face because we all had that type of dress in the mid-90s – the flowery, loose knee-length (or shorter) summer dress which we used to wear over a pair of boots. And in the jumping scene, I remembered wearing baggy jeans, boots from the inside and the checked tartan-style shirt. Only I was no way as cool as Alicia looked and still does!

The song was released this time 19 years old! The video is awesome in my opinion – but then I say that about each and every Aerosmith song. Just take a look at Amazing and Janie’s Got a Gun.

Another thing – if you’re a Lost fan, look out for a much-younger Josh Holloway!

Enjoy the flashbacks 😉