Eye-Candy: Wardrobe Revival

For the first time in many years, the majority of my wardrobe is in one single place. I can actually enter our place and see all my things, in one place, and believe me when I say that this fills me up with pleasure and wonder! While my mother still holds my pre-wedding and pre-pregnancy clothes, the things I wear nowadays are at hand and not scattered around two different countries and three houses. Now that our container and boxes have arrived and everything has been unpacked and put into place, forgotten clothes have been rediscovered and thankfully we (as yet) do not have a space and storage problem due to C’s extra-big wardrobe made by someone who had to custom-make my own wardrobe at my mother’s home because I wanted and needed it as big as possible. He knows my vice and successfully works around it!

Sorting through my clothes I came to realize how casual and comfortable my English wardrobe was. I, who had never owned a t-shirt or loose top before, am suddenly engulfed by them. Jeans, flat shoes and scarves form the rest of my wardrobe. I have written before about the difference in English and Maltese styles, and while I love and miss the I-don’t-care style the English have going on, I have to say that I do feel at ease on a Saturday night dressing up, matching shoes with the bag and applying make-up other than mascara and lip-gloss. The difference in styles is felt and seen, and enjoying the best of both is achieving the best balance.

I have to switch my winter wardrobe with my summer one because let’s face it, thick jumpers and woolen cardigans won’t be worn again till late this year. That in itself is another headache, but it will give me a chance to fully view my summer wardrobe and see what is needed and what I have. Ever since I had Cesca I have come to love maxi-dresses (no prizes for guessing why), and I need to look out for any nice ones I see around. I love the coral-pink combo that seems to be fashionable this summer, the playful prints and the sky-high wedges. I have started looking up some things online, and have already concluded that I want everything. I want them all!

Short of listing whole websites, here are a couple of my favourite pieces!

Let’s start off with a maxi-dress. I love the colours and the block design.

River Island

River Island

A definite summer piece!



Anything by Joules, I love!



A fun piece 🙂

River Island

River Island

And this perhaps more wearable





Something for the footsies…



Just how cool are these?


Senso Zora at Asos

Senso at Asos

I could go on and on and turn this into an infinite post. I could bore you senseless with the hundred of pictures I could put here. But for your own sanity (and mine too), I will stop now. Too much shopping can probably kill you.







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The Size Issue

I seem to growing everyday. I swear that if I were to record my bump for a couple of hours, I would actually be able to catch the growth in real time. I mentioned it to the midwife this morning and she told me that it was a healthy sign. Of course it is, but for me it’s much more than that. I look at my 19 week bump picture and it seems like a godzillion years ago – and mind you, it’s only been taken 5 weeks ago!!

Want to see how much can change in five weeks? Take a look….

No, I'm not endorsing any mobile phone deal here!! Just couldn't take the picture properly without the phone showing!

Pre-pregnancy, I knew my body very well. I was always slightly bigger in the lower-half and smaller in the upper-half. In fact, all the tops I bought were a size 8, sometimes a 10 depending on the style. Nowadays, not only am I not wearing an 8 or a 10, but I’ve had to buy size 12 maternity tops! And the knitted top I just bought today from Zara, is a large!! Call me vain, but it was a slightly upsetting purchase. Yes I know, good cause and all that, but still…I’m wondering whether anything will fit me post-pregnancy.

I won’t even mention my lower-half growth. Better not open That Box.

The thing is, I don’t see much of a difference from my waist upwards, apart from The Bump of course. Bras have become a big tight to be honest, but not enough to justify the jump of sizes, which is weird because every top I owned before the pregnancy is becoming tight from the bust area.

So I’ve had to swallow the bullet and give in to purchase size 12 tops. I am trying to find some dresses I can wear for Easter time in Malta, and am looking at size 12 dresses. I’m in for the kill now I guess. Hopefully, size 12 dresses will still fit me by then.

I am looking at Asos which has some beautiful dresses.

The purple one is my absolute favourites, though I don’t know where/when I can wear it during my next visit to The Rock, since my first wedding of the season is on the first weekend of June, and I’d rather buy that outfit the latest as I can.

I love these colours, the stripes and the casual style of it! This, I can probably wear during the next holidays, so it has been added to my shopping bag…along with a couple of others.

Also, Uniqlo have a great sale going on at the moment of cardies and v-neck tops with the cutest pastel colours. I got two last Sunday during an outing to London, and have just received a couple more which I ordered from their website and which only took one day to deliver!

All bought Size Large of course…

Winter/Spring cleaning…

With the wind and the rain making a big mess of everything outside, I decided to stay in today. I had the bathroom to do, along with the laundry and a general clean-over. I’ve come to realize that since I found out I was pregnant, clothes have stopped holding that veil of fascination over me, and my motto is now – if I urgently need it, I’ll buy it. So for the time being I’ve bought three pair of jeans because those were the first things that stopped fitting me. And some loose-fitting tops and long cardies which cover up just enough. However every weekend I face the now-normal (and perhaps clicheed) question of what to wear? I’ve always had that problem, from ever since I can remember Friday and Saturday nights have found me sitting on my bed looking at my open wardrobe and complaining to all (my mother especially) that I had nothing to wear. Up until quite recently I knew deep down that it was not true – far from it, considering that last January my mother had to bring a carpenter over to build my entire bedroom wall as a wardrobe, and I cringed with embarassement when I removed everything from the old wardrobe in order for him to take it away. The look in his eyes said it all. My room was filled with clothes, shoes and bags and I had even taken over my brother’s wardrobe for my jackets and coats. So I took the opportunity to clean my wardrobe, gave half of my things away to cousins, and started afresh with my new wardrobe. However last time I looked in it, it was quite full again. Shocking, considering I now have a wardrobe here in England, one at my mother’s house, and another in our penthouse.

But the problem what to wear is now true. It seems like I have to start over, from the very basic (my underwear is now getting tight!) to coats and jackets. I’m making do with what I have, have removed my ‘normal’ clothes from the wardrobe, and yesterday set out to buy some longish tops and dresses to at least cover me through winter. I was lucky enough to find Benetton clothes on sale, and got some cardigans and dresses, and another visit to Dorothy Perkins was fruitful as well.

My downfall has always been, and is now more than ever, accessories. I left nearly all of my necklaces and bracelets and beloved bags at home, which no doubt my darling mother is now making good use of (although she always swears that she is not touching a thing. Yeah, right…) But the amount of jewellery I collected today whilst cleaning is frightening, considering it’s only a five-month collection. And the problem is also that with the place being small, I don’t have the best storage solution in the world, so I’ve decided as of next week, to start selling some of the things on the internet. Which I hate. Absolutely hate.

I can not give away clothes to cousins (the ones I like only, of course) without making such a big deal out of it. Checking and re-checking that I definitely won’t wear them again, or assuring myself that I will not ever make it into that size 6 skirt, not even if I starve myself to death a week before. And once I give them away, I’m always checking to see whether my cousins wear my exes, and how they do so. And I mean my cousins, not their parents. I once became so angry seeing a cousin’s mother wearing my ex-top. She was immediately cut off my list. And I felt like crying when I saw my once-favourite tee-shirt being used as a window cloth by my aunt.

I become too attached to the simplest of things, every handbag tells a story, every skirt reminds me of an event and each necklace takes me back in time..

So how about selling things to absolute strangers? Perhaps it will not feel as bad. Of course that means having to decide what to sell. Now that’s one big headache….

The latest addition to the gang....Now how can you resist buying such a bag??

Clothes, drinks, pizza and a car…

It’s been a busy past couple of days. I’ve been updating my CV, looking up several recruitment agencies and photocopying this and that. I will hopefully finish it all today and post everything tomorrow. Say a little prayer for me, for I’ve never applied for a job before, and the process scares me a bit. Hopefully everything will end up well – ideally, me with a job.

The Karen Millen dress is no longer 😦 Yes, that’s right. When I decided to buy the black one because I don’t normally go for black ones and thought this one would be nice to have, my size disappeared! I felt like thumping my head across the wall for not grabbing it and buying it earlier, but there you go. I’m sure greater black dresses will cross my path later on in life. Hopefully when I get a job and start earning something, that’ll be much sooner than later!

At least I got the shoes:

My new babies!

We had a wonderful weekend! Friday night we went to our friends’ house for Cocktails Night. We had lovely jars of Pimms and Prosecco and Aperol cocktails. We were totally hammered by the end of the night, and it was lovely. I woke up to find my fingernails painted red, and remembered that during the drunken evening, Nat (the beautician friend) wanted to do my nails. I had some smudges, but overall they were surprisingly okay!

Nat preparing our Pimms!

The end result 🙂

Saturday morning we went for a test drive because A wants a car. We went to a local showroom, had the drive, A fell in love with the car, the salesman worked his magic on me (I think he realized that at the end of the day if the woman doesn’t give her go-ahead, the sale never goes through), took ME for a test drive, I went loco as well, and we bought the car!! I wanted a sensible 4-door car but we ended up getting anything but! It’s fast, 2-door crazy machine which is perfect. Of course I get first dibs on our next one, which will definitely be a family-friendly one. This car can remain A’s toy:) So now we have to wait for a week on Thursday to have it! In the evening, we had our friends over at our place, and we had Pizza Night. We did our pizza bases ourselves and did some very interesting toppings – all thanks to Jamie Oliver! I’d definitely recomment the grapes, pine nuts and sugar one!!

We spent Sunday rummaging around the city looking for further things for the flat, we then cooked some yummy lasagne and spent the rest of the day in our jammies watching TV, drinking tea and fell asleep watching Notting Hill. Life is good 🙂

…And I’ll probably sin again!!

So I just came back from Karen Millen and the sale is still going on. And the yellow/black dresses are available in my sizes and they’re both still there. So I’ve decided to risk the sale being still on till tomorrow, will take A with me there tomorrow and I’ll model the dresses for him and see which one to choose because I’m totally undecided.

Will keep you updated!!

Forgive me, but I have sinned…again!

So I went to the High Street yesterday afternoon, intending only to pop by M&S and stock up on some greens and fruit. And on the way there I passed by Karen Millen, and saw the magical words written on their display “20% off sale price”. I kept walking past by because my bank cards were silently crying for me not to go in, but the temptation was too strong and I eventually entered the shop….and found the cutest pair of shoes ever. Violet peep-toes with a big sequineed bow on the side of the shoes and medium-height heels. They’re simply adorable and are quite comfy as well due to their heel size because I usually always go for the highest-yet-most-uncomfortable-heel ever. They were very reasonably priced – I got them for £30 when their original price was £135!

They're similar to this pair, but violet in colour and with a bow instead of a corsage at the side. Please bear with my absence of a camera :S

I found this beautiful satin jewel top which I also bought.


The price clinched the sale for me!

And then I found this dress…

They have it in yellow and black and I love the ruffles at the end! I love the dresses the store stocks. They’re all fairytale-like with beautiful colours and the most amazing material I have ever set my eyes on! They’re definitely eye-candy!! I still haven’t bought this dress but I’m popping by there today just to see if it’s in my fate to have it or not. The salesgirl told me that the sale would be ending very soon, so I’m hoping to find it still today. The only thing I’m unsure about is the colour. I loved the yellow and they have it in my size, but black is more elegant. Ah choices, choices and choices!!