Love, Food, Wine and Love

Just in case it escaped anyone, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. As I’ve written before, I don’t particularly buy into this man-made holiday and I think it’s just an excuse for shops to get a big boost after January’s lull business sales.

But then the cynic in me wakes up on February the 14th and thinks, “Hmm, I should do something special this year”, and I start thinking about the evening’s menu. Our initial craze to buy eachother Valentine’s Day gifts has phased out with the passing of years, and I am now happy with a bouquet of flowers and A gets a card I know he always expects. And over a bottle of white we enjoyed our dinner, though not in the romantic and peaceful environment you’d expect but with C keeping us loud company. When the clock struck 8pm and C went to bed, we could finally move onto the sofa, finish our wine glasses and relish the quiet. And snooze off soon after.

The menu was set up after a cooking-book shopping spree last Wednesday. Three cook-books later this was the set menu:

– Beef Teriyaki Soup

– Quiche Lorraine with Parma Ham, Mushrooms and Leeks

– Blueberry and Walnut Muffins

– Baby Figs, Cream Cheese, Walnuts and Mint Tart

My back was killing me by evening, the dishwasher was put into extra use throughout the day, the kitchen was a disaster, but everything turned out great and tasty! Here are some pictures 😉


Yummy blueberries and baby figs!

Yummy blueberries and baby figs!

Quiche in the making...

Quiche in the making…




The muffins, two of which were 'destroyed' by C who found them, removed the blueberries and poked her fingers in the remaining holes...

The muffins, two of which were ‘destroyed’ by C who found them, removed the blueberries and poked her fingers in the remaining holes…

The tart looked amazing and tasted as good!

The tart looked amazing and tasted as good!

Finally x

Finally x


Oh, and I can’t forget little Miss C popping silly faces all day long!



How was your day? Did you do anything special or was it just a normal day like all the others? I don’t believe we need a specific day dedicated to love. Love should be an ever-permanent thing, but if you use it as an excuse to go that bit further than usual, then so be it. Lots of love vibes coming your way dear friends x






The Cookbook Giveaway!

I love cook-books. Were it not for them, I would not be able to cook a decent meal – well okay I probably would, but they make life that bit easier. I follow them religiously, I rely on them to secure me a tasty meal, and thanks to the collection of cook-books I’m starting to horde, we can enjoy varied meals without stressing out too much. I’m sometimes a bit ‘adventurous’ with a recipe and swap an ingredient, add something in or omit a herb. That’s the beauty of a recipe – you can choose to taylor it and make it your own or or you can play it safe and follow the steps.

The things I look out for in a cook-book are essentially two. I want a cookbook which features recipes with easy ingredients which are easy to find. There is nothing more annoying than finding what looks like a delicious recipe, with mouth-watering photos to accompany it, and then realizing that you have never heard of at least half the ingredients listed there. And the other thing is that I want an easy-to-follow recipe, worth its’ time and effort.

Grandma’s Best Recipes ticks both boxes. You have a great and wide selection of plates and dishes. There’s some good old Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Chicken, Stews, Puddings and Cakes and much more. The book also has very cute jar lid labels to cut out and use! I’m telling you, it’s a very useful book to have on your book shelf for when you want to try out something homely and comforting!



And I’m so pleased and excited to announce that as its first ever giveaway, Cup of Crazy has one copy of Grandma’s Best Recipes to give out to one of you lucky readers!

The rules are quite simple:

a. This giveaway is open ONLY to all UK and Maltese residents and is open for entry up until the 24th of January 2013. A UK winner will have the book posted immediately, but a Maltese winner will have to wait till the following week. But you will get it, that I promise you 😉

b. Just follow the link given below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

c. You have a number of options in order to be counted in for this giveaway. You can answer the question asked,  you  can like Cup of Crazy’s Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Retweet about this giveaway – the more you do, the more chances you have of winning!  You can choose to do only one, but obviously if you do them all, you have a bigger chance of being the one who goes home with the prize. It’s only a click of a button away!


So good luck everyone! If you can share this on your Facebook wall, retweet this on Twitter and spread the word I’d be more than appreciative! I will announce the winner on the 25th of January 2013!

P.S. Along with your answer please leave your e-mail address so that I can communicate with the winner for shipping info etc!

[Do bear with me on the ‘question’ issue! If you click ‘answer’ you’ve still participated in the draw. This is my first Rafflecopter giveaway and I’m still getting the hands of it. But don’t worry – everyone’s ‘click’ is being recorded!]