Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

It always happens to me. I see a film or read a book which I like love and I become obsessed with finding out everything about it. I read prequels, see sequels, buy biographies, Google the actors – everything. After last weekend’s viewing of Skyfall, I’m still James Bond-obsessed. A is with me on this – he’s ordered the Bond films to watch and downloaded the BBC Proms Bond special album. That’s us ready for the up and coming weeks.

So this week it has to be a Bond song. With Duran Duran. Can the combination be any better?

When The Cat Is Away…

I’m back from a mini-break. As you might have read on my Facebook page, my mother was visiting us, and as expected I did not find the time (nor energy) to sit down and write a post. It seems we were always preparing to go out (as we in fact were) and were only at home to shower and sleep.

It’s always special spending time with mum and its super-special seeing how C jumps to her arms when beckoned. Even though they don’t meet as often as I would like, they Skype several times a week and that seems to be keeping the link they have as strong as ever. C was constantly calling out for “nanna” whenever mum left the room, and it’s no wonder really. Mum was playing with her all the time, singing to her, reading to her, crawling on all fours and chasing her – overall being C’s perfect companion. C doesn’t do quiet.

C’s first train-ride! All she kept saying was ‘cars, cars’!

Family postcard x


A and myself took advantage of mum’s visit. We managed to have a couple of relaxed and quiet cups of coffee outside of our home, without having to mind C’s nosy hands all over the place. Santa too took advantage of mum’s baby-sitting sessions and did some shopping as well, although I have to say that I will probably appreciate and enjoy Santa’s gifts more than C herself! C had her first birthday party to go to, and it was great fun for her. Lots of children running around the place, screaming, yelling, playing – really, it was heaven for her, although we could not move her away from the huge table of Jumbo Blocks. She even nudged a five-year old girl away from playing with ‘her’ toys. I think it’s time to start teaching her the meaning of ‘sharing’… Us girls visited London, and had a funny episode when we saw a naked man mounting a horse statue in Whitehall. Funny for us, not so much for the poor policemen who took three hours trying to coerce him into getting down.

All hers and hers alone.

On Saturday A and myself went out for dinner and watched Skyfall. We hadn’t been to the cinema together in what seems like years, so we took advantage of nanna babysitting. i love James Bond films. Mr. Bond, the cars, the gadgets, the love-interests, the amazing locations – what is there not to like really? This time round Agent Q caught my attention. If you love the nerdy type of guy, with the messy hair, glasses and geeky wardrobe, then you will not mind taking a look at Ben Whishaw. With Daniel Craig, Ben Whishaw and a weird and wacky Javier Barden, you can not NOT see this film.

Please excuse me while I wipe away the drool from the corners of my mouth.
Oh, and Q is the first one. Couple him with his sexy English accent and tell me what you think 😉

And talking of eye-candy, this week I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my friends. It’s not the most amazing film ever made, but it’s a fun watch, If you like the Twilight Saga, then you will enjoy the film, and like me, feel slightly saddened that the franchise has come to an end. Edward is as captivating as ever, and the film finishes in with the usual ‘happy-ever-after’ storyline. You have to watch these types of film with a pinch of salt and go with the easy flow of the story. I will always prefer the first film (Twilight) and the books over the film any day, but it was fun evening out.


This was my week/weekend. I was just that bit busier than usual, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Did you do something special these past couple of days? From Facebook updates it seems my Maltese friends were lucky enough to enjoy sunny and warm weather. We had sun but not warmth. Winter gear is full on! So I hope you Maltese made the most with the sunny weather and hope it holds out that bit more for us to enjoy it as well.

Have a great week!


Bits of Randomness

For some reason I can’t seem to manage and write a decent (or half-decent at that) post on one particular topic. My mind is a mish-mash of things, and as a result I’m giving you a random post. Whatever comes to mind, I’ll write down.


First of all, this week I baked. I did some tasty cupcakes, thanks to a recipe I stole from Ina Garten (aka the Barefoot Contessa). It was an appropriate recipe since I could add whatever I wanted, and add I did. I put in some goji berries, white chocolate and almonds and they came out good without being too sweet. For Halloween dinner I made an apple, raspberry and blueberry crumble. I love crumbles, they’re so easy to make, the house smells fantastic while baking it (cinnamon, apples, berries, nutmeg!) and add to it some hot custard and you really won’t want for anything else, especially when it’s raining outside and you’re in a warm home! However cooking has become a bit of a patience-test for me. Why?

I blink and Miss Busybody is there. She’s everywhere!

The cupcakes about to go in!

A case of over-baking. I guess American measurements are a bit different from ours…

Crumble Delight!


Halloween came, and while we did not make it for the trick-or-treating part (rain outside, tired baby, hot home – you get the picture?), we did welcome some young fairies, pirates, pumpkins and vampires. Baby Pumkin who is two months younger than C and a nearly 4-year old Vampire (that’s 4 years in his actual life) were C’s favourite visitors. She could not stop gawping at them, whispering ‘baby, baby’ over and over again. Yes, 16-month old Cesca is all grown-up now and anyone under the age of ten is a ‘baby’ in her world. I’m afraid I didn’t make the cut…

Canterbury’s Wicked Witch. Bed-hair, unwashed face, pj’s and all 🙂

The Husband and I watched Drive. Now I don’t know about you (ladies) out there, but I have a soft spot for Ryan Gosling. Ever since he turned my insides to putty in The Notebook, I can not resist anything he features in. Now this film was a bit gory, a bit too crude at times, and for the first half an hour of the film, Mr. Gosling nearly said nothing at all. That of course made it better for me to study him better without any interruptions. He does not possess that obvious good look about him, but something about him just makes you stop and stare. At least it does for me.

We have also finally decided on Santa’s and our presents to C for Christmas. The problematic part will be taking everything with us to Malta. What I saw last week in our Fenwick, and totally loved was a wooden horse on a stick.  Not only would it look great standing upright in a corner of C’s future room (practically mummy thinking here), but in an episode of Charlie and the Numbers, Number One has an exact same horse. She loves the episode and loves the horses that appear, so I’m thinking it’ll be a nice addition to her toys. Yes I know, I could buy it from The Rock and save myself the hassle, but I have a large selection to choose from here in England, much more than in Malta I”m thinking. So although I will probably be limited by height, I must start  measuring the luggage…

I’d love a horse on a stick like this, though not this design.

Have a happy weekend!

Cinema Paradiso

The Husband ordered this film home to watch last week. It’s not a new film but I had honestly never heard of it. I had heard some of the songs which featured on its’ soundtrack, mainly because they’re from the genius that is Ennio Morricone. The film is a 1988 one, it’s in Italian (we put on the English sub-titles) and it’s a beautiful movie dealing mainly with the loving friendship that buds between Salvatore and Alfredo. It’s a touching film, some tears ‘may’ have been shed and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who manages to get a copy!