Oh, so Organic!

A couple of weeks ago, I made an appeal on Cup of Crazy’s Facebook page about organic bathing products. I had a long chat with my dear friend L about baby products and suddenly all that I believed in and thought of as safe, was suddenly anything but and I knew that I would have to switch products sooner rather than later.

Once that decision was taken, the other more difficult ensues – which products to buy? If you Google organic baby products, you are presented with thousands of options, and unless you already know of a product as recommended by a friend or as used by yourself, you are in for lots of review searches and public opinions.

My first hurdle was finding an online shop which delivered to Malta. Like I said, my Facebook appeal provided me with lots of options, and I decided on iherb.com because I loved the options therein available plus the customers reviews helped a great deal. I then went on a whim and selected products which I thought were suitable for C’s needs and which looked and sounded great. Plus, the detailing of the product’s ingredients and components really helps especially if you’re looking for products which don’t contain certain chemicals.

I bought from the Nature’s Baby Organics range. I selected a shampoo, body wash, detangling conditioner, talcum powder and body lotion. My worry was the texture of the products because I have heard of people buying organic products and being let down by exactly this. I was worried the products would be too grainy and that they would not lather much.

Fortunately I made the right choice. The products have delicate scents (I chose vanilla, tangerine and sweet violet for my products) and their scents are delicate and last for a long time, without being too pungent. The products make good lather, they have the same texture as any other normal cleaning liquid and most importantly, are nearly all chemical-free. And you also get the bonus good-feeling of doing that something extra for the environment!

Postage took nearly three weeks to arrive so I’d suggest getting them before your current product finishes, but considering the ridiculously low postage rates iherb.com has going on, you won’t mind waiting!

The site not only has baby items, it also sells vitamin supplements, aromatherapy goods and groceries amongst others.

And take a look at the discount code I mentioned last time. I am not sure if it is still working, but you have nothing to lose by trying it out!

These are a couple of the items I purchased. I'd definitely recommend them!

These are a couple of the items I purchased. I’d definitely recommend them!

Retail Therapy

I’ve not been feeling particularly well these past couple of days. And to top it all off, I woke up to excruciating pain in my lower back and side, meaning I can’t carry C, I can’t bend over and can barely get up off a chair.

So I did some online retail therapy. Anything to make me feel better.

As always, I had to hold myself back. Were it up to me, I’d have swept clean all my bank cards and touched my overdraft. But the nagging voice in the back of my head (I think it’s called my conscience) got the better of me, and I managed to control myself.

That’s not to say tomorrow will be the same.

First shop I visited was Dorothy Perkins. Last weekend I managed to pop by our local one, and saw the Kardashians collection first hand.  I have to say that my personal feelings about the three eldest sisters aside, it’s quite a good collection. It was a bit hard getting through their clothes, because the shop was full of teenagers grabbing this and that, and when I see that chaos going on, my shopping curb shrivels up. So I did some online browsing and I have to say that I found some items which took my fancy. Of course I don’t know how much the girls were actually involved in the designing of the things, but you do get to see the girls’ distinct styles in each and every item. The prices are quite low, so I’m guessing it’ll be a hit.

I love the colour of this dress and the style, which helps hides away any sins I have on my hips. It was one of the few dresses from the KK collecton which didn’t expose the cleavage area, so if like me you’re on the smaller side, this is a good dress. With the other dresses, you’d need massive honkers. And I don’t mean horns.

The KK blouses are really pretty. This particular one really took my fancy – and at £35, it’s a good deal!

Yes, I love leopard print, yes A hates it, yes I’d love to own this blazer, and NO I probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear it. Though I can imagine a black outfit with this on top…

Then there’s Zara. Zara can do no wrong, not ever. Their winter collection is so beautiful, I visit their shop every time I’m in the centre. The salesgirls must know me by now – the woman with the loud baby in the push-chair…

I love cable-knit sweaters. You get so much wear out of them in winter and they’re so warm. Plus this red one has an original side-zip detail! Classy as always from Zara.

It’s not the skirt which I love (shocking right?!), but this beautiful blazer from Zara. In fact, if you’re feeling extra-generous, please send me all of Zara’s blazers! They’re all so beautiful I want them all! This one is at the front of the line though 🙂

Quirky and funky, I love them!

Of course C wasn’t forgotten. I won’t bother putting up individual pictures of the things I would choose for her if I could. Just visit this page and click on every ‘Young Girl’ item you see.

The road to hell is paved with beautiful clothes on beautiful hangers screaming ‘Wear Me!’

An Online Mistake

Last week I ordered some clothes from an online shop. Nothing special in that, I know. But the thing is that these clothes were not delivered to me, but were delivered to another house down the road from where we live.

It seems that the online shop entered my delivery details wrong – stupidly omitting the name of our complex, so I never got my parcel, and the house who got my delivery, signed for it and now holds my goods.

I have contacted the shop who told me that they shipped to the address I gave them (absolutely untrue, since my card payment went through, and it certainly wouldn’t have if I had given them a wrong address now, would it?!) I have already gone twice to the house in question to try and explain to them the mix-up that happened. Once, no one was home and yesterday their teenage son answered the door and told me to come back today because he had no knowledge of any parcel.

So I’m going to pop by the house AGAIN. I hope the person who signed for the package will understand the mix-up that occurred and not be a pain in the a** about it. I’ve printed the purchase order, the tracking time-table, the proof of payment and the shop’s incorrect shipping details. In other words, I’m prepared.

In the meantime, I’m off to write another harsh email to the shop…

I don’t know, but shouldn’t delivery men ask for some sort of identification when delivering packages to houses? You can’t collect pre-ordered things from a store here without showing identification, so why doesn’t the same thing apply to online purchases?

Just asking.

Just a small update – So I got a refund for everything spent on the website, plus a 15% discount off my next shopping order. But I’m still without the goods 😦 I might continue knocking on the neighbour’s door though…watch this space!