I introduced C to books from a very early age. I was quite ignorant as to which books to choose and what to look out for. Then, thanks to a list of books I found whilst googling baby board-books, I started hoarding baby books. I am quite the book-worm myself and love the experience of reading a great book, getting totally immersed into the story and allowing myself to think about the book for days after. Books are something without which I can not live, and even though my reading time has been drastically reduced by the needs of a very small yet energetic girl, I always carry a book with me wherever I go, just in case I have a spare ten minutes I can dedicate to reading.


At first C would look at her books with a certain air of indifference, for they meant nothing to her. When her teething phase kicked in she used them as teethers, sucking on them and eventually eating them at the end. Then came my proudest moment, when she actually discovered books. She learnt how to look at the pictures, turn the pages by herself and wait for me to say the words written. She has now started saying the words, her clearest word being ‘baby’ – she sees ‘baby’ in her books, on her wipes packet and in her own photos on the iPad. Books provide a few quiet minutes when she sits by herself and ‘read’. And since she talks to no end and is always ‘saying’ something, she can now do so by herself with her books.

Some quiet time…

Nowadays she loves books probably more than ever, and gets rather excited when she sees one. But thanks to the months of gnawing at them, her poor books have finally given out and passed on. Save for the couple I have in Malta and some that I’ve hidden on her shelf, her book stack is half of what it was. What were once nearly-new books are now divided into three parts. Since they’re board-books we can get away with going out with a page or two, but it still saddens me to see the books ruined in that way. Also, it is a bit embarrassing having strangers come up to you in the street, telling you ‘Your baby dropped her book’ and handing you one single page of what was once a whole book.

4 pages, 2 books 😦

Since I loved the books she managed to destroy and moreover so did she, I’ve bought them again. Her absolute favourite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She loves me saying the names of the foods written down and more than that, putting her fingers in the holes. And since we left the largest chunk of the book in Malta last weekend, we had to buy it again. We’ve added some Dr. Seuss as well as Goodnight Moon, which she lost in the centre this week.

Our favourite!

The first package just arrived now. It’s still brand-new and will remain so this time round. She WILL take better care of these books, of that I’m sure!

Christian vs. Gideon…and Sleeping Beauty

I’ve just finished Bared to You, the book likened to the Fifty Shades trilogy, and according to some reviews, even better than the books which had us all drooling over Mr. Grey.

So how did Gideon measure up to Christian? Well in my books, not very highly.

First of all, shallow me couldn’t get over the name, especially after my friend told me about the monkey species called the Gibbon monkey. After that whenever I read the name Gideon, I immediately got the monkey image in my head.

(And I’ve probably just ruined it for you…)

In my opinion, the book took a bit to actually take off and of it all, I enjoyed the last chapters the most. The comparisons to Fifty Shades are quite obvious – filthy rich, handsome multi-millionaire (or billionaire, I don’t know), with a troubled past meets the love of his life with an equally heavy history, they have lots (and lots) of sex, someone from their past ends us causing them problems, but love (and sex) always win out at the end. Eva seems to be less helpless and naive than Ana, which makes her character seem more credible somehow.

But Christian Grey wins hands-down everytime.

So yes, I will buy the rest of the Gideon-Eva books when they come out next month. But I’m thinking Fifty Shades will always be my favourite.

And now you’re probably asking what Sleeping Beauty has got to do with it all.

It seems that Anne Rice (writing as A.N. Roquelaure) wrote a trilogy back in the 1980s, waaaay before the term ‘mummy porn‘ was every invented let alone heard of. Β The books tell the tale of Sleeping Beauty as we’ve never read it before. Let’s just say that Sleeping Beauty wasn’t waken up by the Prince’s kiss, and as far as I know the original story did not involve a harem.

So if mummy porn’s your thing, there’s another trilogy waiting just for you πŸ˜‰

The Fifty-First Shade?

If you read my posts, you must know of the Fifty Shades phase I went through. I was reading the books at every stolen moment I could and once finished I experienced that disappointing moment when you know that there aren’t any further installments planned, and so the story does end there.

But yesterday I found something which ‘eased the pain’ (so to speak).

Apparently, the literary world is now to be taken over by a series of books written by Sylvia Day. The first book which is out is called Bared to You. The second book is meant to come out next October. If you’ve loved Fifty Shades, you’re meant to love these ones too!

One small thing which I’m hoping I’ll get over is the lead character’s name – Gideon.


I ordered mine yesterday. I will definitely keep you posted πŸ™‚