I love this time of the year. It’s just the right time for the cold weather to calm down a bit, and we get to enjoy some beautiful sunshine without the sticky and stinky humidity our summers bring.

Whilst March is always a tough month, one I do not like at all, it also heralds the beginning of spring. And of all four seasons, it is most definitely my favourite.

I associate spring with new beginnings. After March, April starts with the promise of warmer breezes and bluer skies. I finally put my heavy jackets to rest and take out my cardigans and lighter layers, with the hope that I am not tempting the fates into throwing at us more wind and cold. I set my boots aside with a huge sigh of relief. I can finally wear sock-less flats and perhaps even dare to show my feet if the weather permits. That is after getting a pedicure, with a pretty coral colour perhaps. I slowly start removing layers and layers of clothes, scarves and socks. Skin is scrubbed and buffed, dead and dry skin discarded of,  and body parts hidden by the winter cold start getting properly prepared for the outer world to see. I start pushing myself that bit harder at training because visions of me in a bathing suit start popping up every morning at 6am whilst squatting, and panic starts kicking in. The days become longer, and so can our walks. Gozo at this time of the year still stubbornly holds on to the last of the green grass, before the brown, dried-up ambience sets in – typical of our summer.

Now is also the time when I start pining after a new hairstyle, look up new, fad diets and amazing superfoods. I restart my Bucilla kit for the tenth time because I suddenly realize that I can finish it in time for next Christmas…but only if I continue working on it for more than a couple of days.  I start a frenzy period of internet shopping because suddenly not one single female in our household has any single item of clothing to wear. I go through the girls’ wardrobes with a heavy heart because I have to empty the winter clothing, half of which will never be worn again.

After reading Island Fairy’s post, I immediately downloaded the Headspace app. Today is Day 2 of my meditation practice. With it just being ten minutes long, it’s something I can find the time for more easily than an hour-long session. I have also grabbed hold of my copy of The Universe Has Your Back, and started reading it again. I go through periods when I can not read some books. They just do not appeal to me and I physically hide them away till I feel ready to give them another go. After reading the reviews on this book, after eagerly waiting for it to arrive, once it did, I was just put off it. I read the first chapter, found myself blocking over it, and I had to stop. I now feel that the time is right to give it another go. I’m thinking that ten minutes of meditation a day and some pages of this book, will help my mind go along with the sense of new and fresh beginnings this time of the year brings.

This is perhaps my own version of spring-cleaning. I think we all have our rituals this at this time of the year. Some which we perhaps do not realize unless we sit down and think about it. I can go through spring with a clear head. It is perhaps the only season where my energy levels are higher than usual, and things are that bit more possible and happier. Summer is too hot for me to muster any enthusiasm, autumn is too busy for clarity, and winter I do not particularly like. I guess spring is my season.


Chasing the Sun

The Curse that is Clutter!

There are some things which seem to multiply by a tenfold in the blink of an eye. One day you look around the house and deem it tidy and mess-free and then the next morning dawns and all you can see are useless things doing nothing except collect dust. And you start some serious spring-cleaning and you get rid of unnecessary things – clutter, which is as easy to collect as is hard to get rid of.

We spent this weekend decluttering. We have done some major tidying up to the place, and made some surprising discoveries. Things we had totally forgotten about have reappeared and other things which we were holding onto for strange reasons suddenly made their way to the unwanted list.

It is amazing how many clutter we’ve managed to collect these past couple of years. I can’t blame it all on C, although it does seems that half of our things are hers. I have found bags and bags of items of clothing which I have been holding onto for no reason at all, used and abused shoes which I definitely won’t wear again, old and forgotten toys which now do not interest C anymore, old CDs whose artists probably don’t record anymore, books which I’m definitely not going to read anymore, gadgets which have become outdated and tens (yes, tens!!) of bags which I don’t like anymore and which were taking up room in my much-precious wardrobe space.

So now things are being bundled up and divided into bags and boxes. We have the charity box, the rubbish box and the eBay box. My eBay is buzzing from things I’m constantly putting up there, just so that things which we don’t have use for anymore may find another home to enjoy them as much as we did. After the whole car-boot sale experience last year, we are definitely avoiding that, and have instead set up the charity box which will see some of my stupid purchases go to good use.

Yes, some stupid purchases have been found, the majority of which had been acquired during the sales.  Looking at them now I cringe, yet then eBay comes in and it’s always a surprise to see a mini-bidding war erupting between a couple of buyers who all seem to desperately want that particular item. Each to his own I guess.

It is so easy to let clutter catch up with you and take over. You truly never realize the extent of this until the day you decide to declutter and rid yourself of things you no longer need.

The best thing and most rewarding feeling ever is then seeing the empty shelves in your wardrobe and storage space just calling out for you to go out, purchase and fill them up again. And the clutter-bug starts again. It’s one vicious circle!

Image taken from simpleorganizedliving.com

Image taken from simpleorganizedliving.com