Eye-Candy: Wardrobe Revival

For the first time in many years, the majority of my wardrobe is in one single place. I can actually enter our place and see all my things, in one place, and believe me when I say that this fills me up with pleasure and wonder! While my mother still holds my pre-wedding and pre-pregnancy clothes, the things I wear nowadays are at hand and not scattered around two different countries and three houses. Now that our container and boxes have arrived and everything has been unpacked and put into place, forgotten clothes have been rediscovered and thankfully we (as yet) do not have a space and storage problem due to C’s extra-big wardrobe made by someone who had to custom-make my own wardrobe at my mother’s home because I wanted and needed it as big as possible. He knows my vice and successfully works around it!

Sorting through my clothes I came to realize how casual and comfortable my English wardrobe was. I, who had never owned a t-shirt or loose top before, am suddenly engulfed by them. Jeans, flat shoes and scarves form the rest of my wardrobe. I have written before about the difference in English and Maltese styles, and while I love and miss the I-don’t-care style the English have going on, I have to say that I do feel at ease on a Saturday night dressing up, matching shoes with the bag and applying make-up other than mascara and lip-gloss. The difference in styles is felt and seen, and enjoying the best of both is achieving the best balance.

I have to switch my winter wardrobe with my summer one because let’s face it, thick jumpers and woolen cardigans won’t be worn again till late this year. That in itself is another headache, but it will give me a chance to fully view my summer wardrobe and see what is needed and what I have. Ever since I had Cesca I have come to love maxi-dresses (no prizes for guessing why), and I need to look out for any nice ones I see around. I love the coral-pink combo that seems to be fashionable this summer, the playful prints and the sky-high wedges. I have started looking up some things online, and have already concluded that I want everything. I want them all!

Short of listing whole websites, here are a couple of my favourite pieces!

Let’s start off with a maxi-dress. I love the colours and the block design.

River Island

River Island

A definite summer piece!



Anything by Joules, I love!



A fun piece 🙂

River Island

River Island

And this perhaps more wearable





Something for the footsies…



Just how cool are these?


Senso Zora at Asos

Senso at Asos

I could go on and on and turn this into an infinite post. I could bore you senseless with the hundred of pictures I could put here. But for your own sanity (and mine too), I will stop now. Too much shopping can probably kill you.







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Retail Therapy

I’ve not been feeling particularly well these past couple of days. And to top it all off, I woke up to excruciating pain in my lower back and side, meaning I can’t carry C, I can’t bend over and can barely get up off a chair.

So I did some online retail therapy. Anything to make me feel better.

As always, I had to hold myself back. Were it up to me, I’d have swept clean all my bank cards and touched my overdraft. But the nagging voice in the back of my head (I think it’s called my conscience) got the better of me, and I managed to control myself.

That’s not to say tomorrow will be the same.

First shop I visited was Dorothy Perkins. Last weekend I managed to pop by our local one, and saw the Kardashians collection first hand.  I have to say that my personal feelings about the three eldest sisters aside, it’s quite a good collection. It was a bit hard getting through their clothes, because the shop was full of teenagers grabbing this and that, and when I see that chaos going on, my shopping curb shrivels up. So I did some online browsing and I have to say that I found some items which took my fancy. Of course I don’t know how much the girls were actually involved in the designing of the things, but you do get to see the girls’ distinct styles in each and every item. The prices are quite low, so I’m guessing it’ll be a hit.

I love the colour of this dress and the style, which helps hides away any sins I have on my hips. It was one of the few dresses from the KK collecton which didn’t expose the cleavage area, so if like me you’re on the smaller side, this is a good dress. With the other dresses, you’d need massive honkers. And I don’t mean horns.

The KK blouses are really pretty. This particular one really took my fancy – and at £35, it’s a good deal!

Yes, I love leopard print, yes A hates it, yes I’d love to own this blazer, and NO I probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear it. Though I can imagine a black outfit with this on top…

Then there’s Zara. Zara can do no wrong, not ever. Their winter collection is so beautiful, I visit their shop every time I’m in the centre. The salesgirls must know me by now – the woman with the loud baby in the push-chair…

I love cable-knit sweaters. You get so much wear out of them in winter and they’re so warm. Plus this red one has an original side-zip detail! Classy as always from Zara.

It’s not the skirt which I love (shocking right?!), but this beautiful blazer from Zara. In fact, if you’re feeling extra-generous, please send me all of Zara’s blazers! They’re all so beautiful I want them all! This one is at the front of the line though 🙂

Quirky and funky, I love them!

Of course C wasn’t forgotten. I won’t bother putting up individual pictures of the things I would choose for her if I could. Just visit this page and click on every ‘Young Girl’ item you see.

The road to hell is paved with beautiful clothes on beautiful hangers screaming ‘Wear Me!’

Days with Heels…

I tend to forget that I have been officially unemployed for only two years. In some ways, it seems as if I’ve been a housewife for a much longer time. Please don’t take that to mean that I crazily love being a housewife – I take the most neutral stand possible on that one. Things needs to be done, I do them, not always with the same enthusiasm. But the upside of being a full-time housewife is also being a full-time mummy, and I have to say that nothing is as satisfactory as being able to spend my time with C and enjoying her childhood day by day.

My life as an employed differed a great deal than today’s days. Apart from the routine and working hours, everything else was different. The one thing that stands out from the rest is my wardrobe. Working Josepha never bought printed t-shirts or casual trousers. She rarely wore flat shoes, except for days at the beach. My feet were used to heels and I could wear them everyday from 9 to 7. I used to walk across Victoria running errands for hours, nearly everyday, all day in heels and I never complained. My profession is quite casually-dressed in Gozo but I always dressed up as well as I could. Of course everything was matching, from the colours of the outfit to the make-up to the shoes.

Image courtesy of thecinnamonspell.blogspot.com

And today? Let me just say that I’ve discovered and learnt to love Zara’s t-shirts with their quirky prints. Six months after I quit working I became pregnant, and that started my intense love-affair with flats. I have more flat shoes than ever and the last four pairs of boots I bought are all flat. I truly make an effort to wear heels nowadays, and it is not because I don’t like them as a style, it’s simply because I don’t know how to properly walk in them anymore. I feel and probably look like a penguin with a limp. It saddens me when I look at my uber-high heels in Gozo, no longer worn and left to gather dust. I need to get rid of them, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away. It’s silly to say this about an inanimate object, but each pair of shoes holds a memory, and for that reason they will stay there for the time being.

My days are different, my style is different, but fragments of the ‘old’ me are still there. And on certain days I do indulge that aspect of myself. Whenever I can, I make that extra bit of effort. I put on smart pair of trousers, a ‘tailored’ top and put unhurried make-up on. I unearth my old accessories and change my handbag and feel like my old self again. And even if it’s just a visit to the local supermarket, it’s a good feeling looking fresh and feeling decent.

Image courtesy of wonderfulljessie.blogspot.com

Living in England doesn’t help at all because you can wear whatever you like here and no one will bat an eyelid. Everything is more relaxed here. Whereas in Malta my wardrobe used to be divided into working clothes, casual home clothes and Saturday night outfits, over here I have my casual clothes and less casual clothes. I always have to remind myself when in Malta, that the style is that bit more polished and ‘rigid’ so to say. I can get away with a lot more here than in Malta!

I do miss my ‘old’ style. I miss the time I had in getting ready to go out and having reason to look smart for the day. And there it is. The magic word – time. If I had more of it, I’d be that more efficient. I wouldn’t find excuses not to dress up or put make-up on.

Now it’s time to get off this thing and move myself to the bathroom. That day-cream won’t be applied by itself.

Has this happened to you as well? Did having children and staying at home change your style radically? And how do you rid yourself of the comfortable and relaxed routine you’ve suddenly adopted?